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Become a Business Growth Group

Elite Team Member

For the first time ever BGG is accepting applications for its Advanced Business Consultant Certification Program.

A select few professionals can now become a

BGG Strategic Partner

BGG has so many clients world-wide, that we MUST expand our team of superstar business growth consultants.

We are currently interviewing highly motivated, experienced C-level consultants who want to radically change their lives and the lives of their future clients by going through our 9 day Business Growth Bootcamp and coming out the other side a BGG certified consultant.

What if you could learn the secrets behind some of the world’s most successful businesses from the entrepreneurs who created them?

The principles of BGG have invested more than 30 combined years working along side some of the top business minds in the world and consulting and coaching accomplished organizations and business leaders around the world, including serving as Tony Robbins’ as VPs of consulting.

This exclusive BGG Certified Consultant Partner program is the culmination of all that has been learned and assimilated in that process. It is designed to empower you with the cutting-edge systems, skills, and strategies you need for creating an invincible business advantage for all of your clients, regardless of the economic times.

AND — unlike other national business coaching and consulting franchises, BGG not only assists you the in the marketing of your new business but also allows you to participate in its proprietary “new client acquisition program” where we work along side of you and bring new clients directly to you in addition to the clients you acquire yourself!

In this exclusive 9 day bootcamp, you will work along side BGG founders Michael Besson & Chris Steely, as well as other leading business experts and entrepreneurs to model, distill and employ their best business practices to create record growth and long-term success in your own life and businesses, as well as that of each client moving forward.

Once certified, BGG Team members are supported by BGG with marketing expertise and leads to growth their consulting business.

Leverage the Business Growth Group Team: BGG “Consultant Partner” Team members also have access to the highly trained, veteran BGG consultants with a wide range of business skills, knowledge and experience. The BGG veteran team can handle virtually any business issue that arises with a client, including Sales, Marketing, Management, IPO, Exit, Investment Banking and much more.

We guarantee you will get tools and strategies you can use to help your clients change their business profoundly and dramatically increase  profitability within 12 months! This is not just another empty promise, because at BGG our overflow of clients speaks for itself…

You will become proficient in quickly identifying the key factors impacting a client’s business right now. You will learn a systematic method called the “GrowthMAP™”, that allows you to quickly uncover and resolve every business problem that has not yet been solved by your clients.

By teaching your clients to look at their business through a new filter, they will discover what needs to be solved first and how to identify, prioritize, and sequence their approach to build momentum and maximize success… and you are a become their personal business growth hero!

Unlike large consulting factories with 100s of Clients and consultants on their roster, our boutique size allows you to work DIRECTLY with our founders side by side; which allows you to give your clients our full suite of business talent and support.

In this advanced BGG certified training course, you will gain much wisdom from our vetran consultants and you will be trained in:

  • Revenue and Profitability GrowthMAP™ Design
  • Full marketing analysis, action plan development and plan implementation.
  • Everything from creating your company’s Corporate CenterpieceTM, to your print and mass media advertising and your online presence
  • Educational Marketing
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal and Business Effectiveness
  • Business Optimization
  • Sales and Sales Management Training
  • Sales Process Deployment
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Strategic Alliance Development
  • Business Process and Analysis
  • Constant Strategic Innovation: Products, Services and Delivery
  • Investment & Exit Strategies
  • Social Proof: Raving Client Fans
  • The power of Corporate Culture
  •  Investment Banking
  • Cutting Edge Online Marketing

The above services allow our consultants to have a tremendous track record on:

  • Revenue growth
  • Team building
  • Sales training
  • Corporate turnaround strategy
  • Exit Strategy and much more!

Apply to become a Certified BGG Consultant Partner TODAY:

  • Become a Better Leader in your community.
  • Be more successful and earn more money in less time.
  • Tap into greater Access, Influence & Experience.
  • Tap into the Support of BGG industry experts.
  • Learn the latest marketing strategies, including social media.
  • Learn the GrowthMap™ system to quickly analyze and identify pain points and growth opportunities.
  • Learn to systemize a business so that it can run more smoothly and bring greater revenue with less effort.
  • Learn to establish best practices and procedures that are sustainable, repeatable and scalable for the future?
  • Could you benefit from having the entire BGG team at your side?

*BGG does not accept everyone that applies. As you will be part of the ELITE BGG Team, you must have certain qualities and skills going in and reflect the BGG culture moving forward.

During this unprecedented offer, only a select professional few that apply will be accepted to the exclusive BGG Team. They will fundamentally change their lives and how they constantly and strategically innovate their businesses consulting services
in order to take advantage of the changing economy, strengthen their position, and amass a fortune, right along side of their clients.

The question is…will one of them be you?

 Your training begins with a 9 day Live Training Event, beginning September 12th, 2015, with BGG Founders, Michael Besson & Chris Steely in Las Vegas, NV 

MB & CS on stage









  • Up close and personal with Michael Besson & Chris Steely
  • Experiential, hands-on skills training
  • Small group sessions
  • Best practices to coach and train,including delivery of actual presentations
  • Access to BGG Academy
  • Ability to network with your peers and collaborate on ideas and opportunities
  • Meet your new, life-long family


If after attending the first full day of the Live BGG Consultant Partner Certification, you do not feel you have received the value to create exponential growth in your life & business career, turn in your manual and materials and we will send you a full refund for the event.

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