I’m at a really great business networking event this evening. Some amazing people here… world-changing, authentic souls…

Events like this also attract wolves…

Over the years of networking and international business training & consulting, I’ve developed an unconscious acuity to recognize the wolves amidst the flock… Here are some distinctions, of which to be aware, as we consider our inherent “wolf” natures at times:

  1. What is your agenda? I mean: your REAL, authentic agenda? Is it to be perceived as someone who is “successful,” casting an image of success, trying to attract people into your snare so you can make money off them?

Or are you someone who doesn’t really care what other people think about you, solely focused on what you can do to truly serve others?

 It shows…


  1. How do you handle yourselves in events like this? What is your agenda? Do you listen to people, truly caring about their story, taking in their personality, and getting to know how you might be able to serve them, or are you oriented more toward how you can gain from them, versus how you can serve them? Are you focused on “selling,” or are you all about showing up authentically, oriented toward truly serving others first?


It shows…


  1. How much do you love other people? Many people speak of love, but they do not know it’s true energy. REAL love is about showing up, opening your heart, and sharing yourself with the audience. It’s not about just telling stories, entertaining, and walking away with a round of applause, based on your savvy persuasion techniques; it’s about humbly serving the audience, unscripted, engaging, and enrolling people to achieve their visions, by serving them most effectively.



How are YOU showing up? I’ll challenge you to show up as an authentic leader.



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