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Michael Durant

Director of Branding

Michael Durant is a creative genius groomed by his gift to turn imagination into reality. Michael is ingenious for helping creative-minded people realize their wildest dreams.

His ambitions are, inspiring entrepreneurs and other movers and doers to create and supporting ventures that help push humanity forward. Michael has had the privilege of managing and consulting various public personalities, local, national, and international brands with multi-million dollar budgets for both creative and online projects in which successfully increased market share and brand awareness.

Michael builds brands and designs that delivers a “WOW”; the kind of branding that stimulates that “ah moment”, that moment that makes people want to see more and know more now moment. According to Michael, “Every business has a story to tell; a beginning, a history, a vision. “ Michael awakes the creative genius in each of his client by asking, “If your brand walked into this room, how would it walk?, how would it talk?, who would it talk to?, and how would it dress?” This is the approach Michael uses to bring personality to the brands entrusted in him.

In addition to being a creative genius, Michael understands core business fundamentals and more importantly he stays abreast of changes in consumer behavior and the market. Through his mastery of imagination, creative design, style, color, and brand imagery combined with over a decade of strategic planning for corporations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs Michael is seasoned in converting casual lookers into raving fans.

Michael is well aware that “business as usual” is not always so usual. He has the ability to predict future trends then creates experiences and designs that propel people to share it, post it, like it, pin it and follow it.

Creative Branding Genius | Personal Branding Expert

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