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The Power of the FIVE C’s


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The Power of the FIVE C’s

What if there was a way to better ensure your relationships worked out, your business outcomes were better, and your overall personal life experienced FAR less pain inflicted by those around you?

Call me silly, but I think there’s a way to better predict positive outcomes from the most pressing matters of your life from this one simple process.

I have recently realized that there’s a pattern for almost anything that has turned out well in my life and conversely, a pattern for the things that have not. It’s almost as though there is a matrix of sorts, a process that when I filter my relationships through these FIVE C’s first, outcomes are far more predictable. I am referring to events, business relationships, personal relationships, business partnerships and life in general.

We’ve all had “the moments” when life doesn’t work like we think it should and people hurt or wound us terribly. A long term relationship blows up. A trusted friend starts spreading false gossip about you, and you’re devastated. A business partner quits in the middle of the biggest deal of your life, and then goes behind your back and tries to do the deal without you.

Without further ado, I call it the FIVE C’s. They stand for;

  1. C = Character
  2. C = Competency
  3. C = Chemistry
  4. C = Compatible Vision
  5. C = Capacity

When Business Growth Group is looking to add talent to our Team, the first thing we look at today is the FIVE C’s. We ask ourselves (in that specific order) how do these particular people FIT in these five areas.

  1. CHARACTER: Are these the kind of people that say what they do, then do what they say? What’s their history tell us? Note: it’s not really what they say, it is their actions in light of what they say that are the indications of character. Have they acquired the basic life skills to build and maintain a quality family? That last “family filter” may seem silly but let me tell you a fact of life: Nothing is more challenging to your character than building a healthy family, and it’s a very good marker for the development of character or the lack thereof.


  1. COMPETENCY: If you move forward on character alone, you’re going to be very disappointed if you missed competency test. One of the first things I look for in the new digital economy is whether or not the person is a life-long learner. If you’re not, you’re getting left behind in the new economy. We ask ourselves this question: does this person’s work reflect a sense of excellence? Do they have a history of growing in their given skill set? Are they willing to expand what they know to tackle new situations that face them? Weigh competency along with character and you’re on the right path, BUT you’re not done yet.


  1. CHEMISTRY: Ever been on a first date? Unless you’re living in a Taliban cave, of course the answer is yes. Remember that “gut instinct” that told you this isn’t going to work? You need to develop that. Chemistry is that magical thing that you know when it’s there, and you know when its not. If it’s not there, move on or pay the price later. I am certain that you have worked alongside people with great character and competency, but you just don’t communicate well. That’s bad Chemistry. It’s that simple.


  1. COMPATIBLE VISION: So let’s say you love their character, they are extremely competent, and they have your kind of chemistry, now what? Now it’s time to discover if there’s synergy of vision. You can have the first three but if they don’t have or cannot get behind your vision or your company’s vision, you are headed for trouble. If you engage with them, you will spend all of your efforts continually selling the vision. That is a waste of your precious energy and time. So, TAKE A PASS!


  1. CAPACITY: Ok, you’re almost home free. They have character, competency, chemistry and they LOVE the vision for the future. What happens now if they don’t have financial resources to get involved? What if they don’t have the “time” resource it will take to participate in what you’re doing? What if they don’t have the “emotional” resources to do what needs to be done? The answer is simple, unless you mitigate this issue, it will eventually lead to problems. If they do not have the capacity, you will constantly be dealing with broken promises, dropped balls, and inferior results. Resolve it on the front-end or move on without them. The pain of that decision up front will most likely save you much greater pain later.


So there you have it. At Business Growth Group, we take everything that comes our way and filter it through the five C’s. In short, we ask ourselves does the Character, Competency, Chemistry, Compatible Vision and Capacity line up in a way that makes sense for us or not. By filtering our decisions through these five C’s, we’ve discovered HNL a “Hole-Nutha-Level” in our desired outcome!

Michael Besson is a key note speaker, executive life coach, life-long entrepreneur and the cofounder of For further information on their business growth strategies, contact Business Growth Group at



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