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Business Growth Group (BGG) is a team of management and consulting professionals. The founder and several others worked together at Business Breakthroughs International (BBI), a joint venture founded by Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. When the Tony Robbins / Chet Holmes JV eventually ended, Michael Besson transitioned to his own firm thereby leveraging the groups’ collective talents into an innovative and strategic company. BGG’s NUMBER ONE PASSION is working with business owners to grow revenue through innovative strategies, and battle tested execution plans. Our client work leads to increased profits and cash flow fueling increased market share and company valuation. Business owners that look outside their own organizations for advice and counsel are able to leverage our proprietary strategies and the experience of others; ratcheting up their company’s ability to execute and compete in the New Economy.

Our Founder

Michael Besson

“Michael Besson is a motivator’s motivator.

In business consulting, and human development he is in a class all his own. Spend some

time with Michael Besson and watch your business and your life take on another dimension.”

=> Marshall Sylver, Best Selling Author Power Passion and Profit



In the design of our code of ethics, we found it interesting to discover that many firms today no longer state or disseminate their core code of ethics. It’s as if most of the known Business Universe no longer wants to state a standard from which they can and will be held accountable.

At Business Growth Group, creating the correct degree of Client expectation, and then delivering on that expectation is our fundamental commitment to our Clients. Should you decide to honor us with your business, this is what you can expect from us:

1. It’s Not About “Us” – Our focus is never placed on how “we” can shine in what we do; rather it’s focused on how you can shine “through” what we do. This means that your results always come before ours.

2. Servant Leadership – Our view is that we need to serve our Clients, which in our book means not only putting you first, but serving you in a way that you never forget. That includes:

  • a. Responding back to emails, phone calls, texts in as timely a manner as possible.
  • b. Telling you very clearly what to expect and then meeting or exceeding those expectations.
  • c. Helping you define your deadlines, and hitting the deadlines we’ve committed to meet, within the time frames we’ve established.
  • d. Delivering the project within the budget provided with no exceptions.

3. Honesty – Of course you would expect a company to “claim” this one but we actually mean it. If you bring us something we do not feel we can do with “excellence,” we’ll HELP YOU FIND SOMEONE that can. Frankly, we know virtually everyone you’d need to know to solve a business challenge you’re having, and we don’t mind sharing our network with you if we can’t do it.

4. Trust – Trust is an interesting concept. Trust really is about predictability. You can trust your enemy to work in opposition to your interests almost every time. Here is the question you need to ask. Can you, as the Client, trust BGG to deliver what was promised? Our impeccable decades’ long track record says you can.

5. Long-Term Client Relationships – The vast majority of our Clients stay with us long term because of the value we deliver to them. There’s a reason for that; namely, we deliver, on time and on budget while exceeding Client expectations.

6. Business Growth Group Fun Policy – Fun can be work, or work can be fun. We enjoy life, and we believe that work can be fun. We believe your work should be fun too. We try whenever possible to have fun with our creativity. We think you’ll enjoy this policy.

7. Family and Faith First – Business Growth Group believes that family and faith are sacred. Often times, both can slip into a distant second or third to work. It’s also one of our founding principles, that people of faith with a sound family structure are more productive at work. A balanced life is a much happier life.

The plain and simple, it’s a win / win. The entire team at Business Growth Group strives to live balanced lives as a core value system throughout the company.
We find that by adhering to that principle, our team performs at a higher level which, in turn, enables our Clients to receive the best service possible.

8. Integrity – We’re not sure what happened to the old adage, “say what you mean and mean what you say” but that’s the way it’s done at BGG. But it is more than that. The lowest level of decent integrity is “doing what you say you will do and doing it on time.” A higher level of integrity is “doing what you know to do, doing it as it was meant to be done, and doing on time, even when nobody is looking.” The highest level of integrity is “doing what others would expect you to do, even if you never said you would do it, and doing it on time.” Life just works best at this level, and this is level we strive to achieve at BGG. So, here is a key point to remember about integrity, there will be moments in time when integrity gets lost in the business of life. We are all human, however, and we all need to be willing to check consistently on our integrity. When we discover that we have not lived up to at least Level 2 or 3 above, we need to make the necessary changes and put integrity back into every situation where it is lacking. Why? Because integrity creates the space and capacity you need to achieve your intended results, and BGG is committed to producing results for our Clients.

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