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THE BIGGEST MISTAKE MOST BUSINESSES MAKE is that they violate Michael Gerber’s renowned E-Myth credo (which is a mandate here at BGG): Don’t work IN your business, work ON your business.

The current economy is shifting very quickly and is challenging for many businesses to navigate but that can be a HUGE advantage to you for two reasons:

  • First if you are educated and prepared you will be able to take advantage of any shift in the market whether it goes up or down.
  • Second, because most business DON’T take the time to educate and prepare themselves they fail when the market shifts. That means less competition and more market share for those who survive! YOU could grab that market share by succeeding where your competition has failed. That is exactly what Business Growth Group wants to help clients do.

Interested in Higher Profitability and Increased Sales?

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At BGG we focus on what we call “The 7 Core New Economy Disciplines.” Each one is given an in-depth audit process, which in turn allows us to create a world-class GrowthMAP™ for you. A GrowthMAP™ designedto direct your organization to higher sales and profitability.

Each Business Growth Group discipline provides specific strategies, methods and tactics necessary for you to execute on in the New Economy and unlock critical success-factors in your business development. Including:

  • New Economy Leadership
  • New Economy Marketing
  • New Economy Money
  • New Economy Management
  • New Economy Fulfillment
  • New Economy Lead Conversion / Sales Strategies
  • New Economy Lead Generation

Companies are, and should be, focused on their core mission. However when focusing on the day-to-day operations of a given business, maximizing market share and fine tuning sales and marketing can often slip through the cracks.

At BGG, we will identify what you are doing well as well as shed light on the blind spots “we all have” that are costing your company your three very precious resources: Time, Money, and Energy.

In Business there are THREE very important rules:

  1. Real, sustainable, predictable and scalable growth only happens when there is a clear plan in place.
  2. What you don’t know CAN hurt you, what you don’t see CAN cost you!
  3. It’s not a down economy, it’s a NEW economy, with new rules that can make or break your company’s future. In fact we often say there is no such thing as a bad economy, there are only companies that handle economic conditions badly. At Business Growth Group we help our clients do the right things, the right way, at the right time.

With our exclusive GrowthMAP™ (Growth Massive Action Plan) we will address every challenge your business faces in this New Economy.

BGG’s Three-part Guarantee

Our FIRST GUARANTEE is that you will come out of the 10-DAY process with a clear action plan for growing your company now and in the future. A plan developed by consultants with tens of thousands of hours of experience helping clients throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

A plan you can use to set direction, dramatically increase revenue, create profit-centered policy, and inspire your team to a brighter future.

Our SECOND GUARANTEE is that we will help you find what we call “restraining factors” — obstacles or inefficiencies that are keeping your business from growing and costing you money.

The Business Growth Group GrowthMAP™ Diagnostic Audit will look under the hood to identify the good, the bad, the ugly, and, most importantly, THE POSSIBLE.

Our THIRD GUARANTEE! We are so confident that you will find extraordinary value in our GrowthMAP™ process that, you’ll only pay $1,997.00 in advance to get the 10-Day process started.

Then, you only owe the balance of $2,000 ($3,997 total), if and only if, you and/or your leadership team see the extraordinary value you’re achieving from the GrowthMAP™ process.

The process is simple:

  1. You will fill out a detailed company profile.
  1. Your leadership team will have two, 2-hour sessions with your consultant.
  1. The consultant will return within 10 business days of your second session with your GrowthMAP™ Road map of every strategy – method and tactic you’ll need to deploy to capture maximum market share.

The entire process will include:

  • Two, 2-hour sessions with a BGG Consultant specially trained in our GrowthMAP™ process.
  • Completion of a Massive Audit Program and Strategic Plan of Action.
  • A comprehensive organizational profile.
  • An organizational “Gap” assessment.
  • A download session sharing your new GrowthMAP™ with a BGG consultant.
  • The Identification of the “Restraining Factors” impacting you and your organization

The Business Growth Group GrowthMAP™ in a nutshell:

The GrowthMAP™ is an intensive session where our C-level business growth experts go up one side and down the other of your business.

It lays out every possible “should” in one place and finds 3 opportunities for action:

  1. Low hanging fruit.
  1. Foundational or structural things to be fixed.
  1. Long-term growth opportunities in areas such as client acquisition, marketing optimization, and more.

You walk away knowing that you have seen, ranked, and monetized every piece of your business that will get you the most return on investment to implement.

Best of all it comes with our THREE-WAY GUARANTEE!

To find out more about how your company can experience their own GrowthMAP™ simply provide us your contact information and one of our C-Level business growth experts will get back to you within 24 hours. It’s the BGG way!

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