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Online marketing is NOT what most people or companies think it is. Yes, you have a website, but do you have a STRATEGY for success and, if you do, is it working?

  • Exactly how much unique and repeat traffic are you getting?
  • Do you know where it is coming from?
  • How well is it converting?
  • Where on the internet is your target Client and are you there?
  • Should you use social media, video, search engine marketing, article marketing, organic SEO, back linking or all of it?
  • Are you A / B testing your landing pages and value propositions to see what is most enticing to your audience and/or what leaves them flat (and therefore is a waste of time, money and energy)?

We can help with that!

Business Growth Group has a four step process designed to optimize your online marketing, making sure it is performing to standard and generating the kind of traffic and conversion you need to compete in the New Economy:

Step One is a deep analysis of what you are currently doing and how well it is working. This is conducted by our director of online marketing who has helped dozens of companies position SEVERAL HUNDRED WEB PAGES on page one for its Google search terms. (Few in the industry today can demonstrate that kind of work).

The Second step is to have a comprehensive look at what you are not doing but should be doing.

The Third step is to work together to design and implement specific solutions created just for your company and your particular marketing needs. Of course, all solutions will be designed within the budgetary boundaries all firms face in the New Economy.

Finally, during Step Four, we maintain your page rank, online reputation, Alexa rating and overall ROI. We’re not a once and done kind of consulting firm and your website isn’t either; that’s why they call it marketing. It’s New Economy Marketing and it takes a new 2014 kind of approach; it takes the BGG approach.

The single best thing about internet marketing is you don’t have to guess what’s working. In the old days it was often said “I know 50% of the money I spend on marketing is wasted; I just don’t know which 50%.” THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE. Using advanced and highly effective technology we can show you exactly what is working, what needs further optimization and exactly how to optimize it.

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