A few of our Clients, Students, Colleagues and Raving Fans:

John Assaraf

New York Times Best Selling Author of “Having It All”


Michael Besson, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoyed your speaking at the seminar. It was very obvious that every person in the room was excited and totally into your every word. I know I was!
In today’s world of vanilla speakers you shine above the rest. I wish you continued success in everything you do.

Tom Hopkins

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Besson, You are an amazing talent with unlimited potential, keep on touching businesses the way “only” you do!

Marshall Sylver

Best Selling Author of “Power, Passion and Profit”

Michael Besson is a motivator’s motivator. His life is about impacting others in a positive and dynamic way and helping them to reach their own hidden potential both personally and in their business. In business consulting, and human development he is in a class all his own. Spend some time with Michael Besson and watch your business and your life take on another dimension.

Mike Rady

Managing Director – ActionCoach

Victoria, Australia

Chris Steely is an amazing, insightful coach, using his genuine presence, offering professional input to the subjects of sales, marketing and team building. I have gone away with a greater understanding of myself, more coaching tools and greater awareness of the business community. Thank you, Chris.
Thank you for the time you invested in me. While starting out skeptically, I soon realized that what you were doing is a fundamentally important initiative. Further, I soon realized it is incumbent on me to 1) participate and b) share what I’ve learned. Thanks again!

Ken D. Foster

Chief Executive Officer – Shared Vision Network

Author of “Ask and You Will Succeed”

“Michael Besson” embraces the concept in my book, Ask and You Will Succeed. His innovative work will move you to your next level in every area of you life. His life’s work is focused on helping people see and embrace their true potential. If you get the chance, “see this man speak!”
It’s life changing.

Brad Sugars

Chairman and Founder – ActionCoach

Chris Steely’s zest for life is infectious; he brings out the best in people. The training he provides is exceptional and his friendly nature has won him many friends.

Bill Fox

Chief Executive Officer – Kent Business Academy

Chris Steely, Many thanks for a great coaching. It has given me even more reasons to take my business to the next level.

Miriam Blum

Clinical Psychologist

Michael Besson, Thank you again for a superb and deeply meaningful workshop, my entire life and business will never be the same.
Bombs away!

Helen Burns

Chief Executive Officer – Helen Burns and Associates


I thank you, Chris Steely, for helping me learn so many important things/principles in my life. I really intend to work properly, with all my strength to help my team to increase our goals. I will try not to be so negative with myself…trusting more on my potential. Now I really feel committed with the spirit of my business!

Danielle Striker

Vice President Development – NexisLexis

Michael Besson, The many fortunate people that take your business counsel or attend one of your speaking events, it will change the course of their destiny.

Manuela Gomes

Coach – ActionCoach

Lisbon, Portugal

The service we received from Chris Steely was extremely professional and the attention to detail and information received was outstanding. The Deployment Coaching we received from with Chris Steely invaluable. He is an amazing man who does not hold back in his coaching methods.

Doug Momary

Chief Executive Officer – Laguna Productions

For the last five years, I have had the unique privilege of working with Michael Besson as a consultant. His business insights and strategic marketing initiatives have revolutionized the way I see and do business every day.
After three decades in the film production industry, I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to grow their business today.

Willie Donald

Chief Executive Officer – Expico Ltd


Chris Steely, Energy, power, commitment. Nothing else required – PERFECT!

Michael Potter, ESQ

Attorney at Law – Donald Trump Speaker and Author

Michael Besson’s insightfulness and perspective are life-changing. His business experiences and the challenges he has overcome are nothing short of inspiring. His insights are a life preserver for anyone adrift and alone in a sea of disappointments, phonies and wanna-bes.
Michael Besson is the ‘real deal’. Don’t pass up the opportunity to listen to what he has to say and your business WILL GROW!

Nasir Tajuddin

Operations Manager – Community Training Australia Pty Ltd

It was a pleasure to have worked with Chris to clarify our strategic goals from the business, and to gain an appreciation of the tactical activities that required immediate initiation to achieve these greater goals. Since our sessions with Chris, the business has achieved strong results in terms of both sales growth, and a culture that values true performance. The most rewarding aspect of our sessions was, perhaps, Chris’s ability to strike a balance between our requirements from the business, as well as from ourselves at a personal level. The coaching sessions ensured an equal emphasis on how we as people were expected to grow with the business, and to maintain a sense of balance between work and our own personal lives through ever increasing demands placed on us by our work. Thank you, Chris Steely!

Michael Belk

The Journeys – Renowned fashion photographer

Michael Besson consulted on our project during the critical strategic planning stages. We found him to be quite gifted in his ability to analyze the “need” and then direct us to potential ways of filling it. He is always responsive, ready to help on all levels and a delight to work with.

Michael Joyce

Chief Executive Officer – Hargrave Custom Yachts

The Triple 90 program was better than expected! The 90 minute sessions were long enough to really get into the subject matter while the once a week format fit into my hectic schedule. Their energy level was always set at max!

Heather Doane

Chief Executive Officer – ZEROlevel Fitness

Very Valuable! Walked away with tools that I can instantly implement
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